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MIKE SHARP, Head Instructor

With 40 years of river experience as a whitewater rafting guide and swiftwater safety instructor, Mike has trained with the American Canoe Association (Level 5 Advanced Instructor) and Rescue 3 International in technical rope rescue, boat operator, and Safety and Rescue. He is a certified ACA Instructor Trainer in Safety and Rescue and also holds current certification in First Aid, CPR, and Outdoor Emergency Care Technician. Mike is the Safety Coordinator at a large rafting and adventure resort in West Virginia and the Water Rescue Officer for a local Volunteer Fire Department.  He was the Safety Director for the 2018 U.S. National Whitewater Championship races and Water & Safety Director for the 2019 & 2021 Spartan Races.

All of our instructors are certified trained in Safety and Rescue.

Josh guide (2)

JOSH SHARP, Instructor

Josh is a Level 4 ACA certified instructor plus he has experience in floodwater rescues. He is also certified in First Aid and CPR. Josh holds the rank of Lieutenant with a local fire department and works in the coal mining industry.  A former whitewater rafting guide on the New and Gauley Rivers, Josh has served in the U.S. Air Force and is an avid motocross fan.

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SCOTT SWAIN AKA NEO (the one in the yellow helmet), Instructor

A true waterman and ACA Level 4 Instructor. A big wave surfer turned river guide. Neo has been a whitewater enthusiast for 27 years and a full-time Class-5 river guide for 14 years.  He was also a North Carolina Junior Olympic Greco-Roman Team coach for 17 years.  Neo loves the water and teaching people how to enjoy it safely.

GARY RATLIFF, Instructor

Gary is a volunteer firefighter and a member of the swiftwater rescue team at Rupert VFD. He is a Level 4 certified instructor through the ACA. During the 2016 devastating floods in WV he was part of the water rescue team, and in 2019 he was part of the safety team at the Spartan Race. Gary currently works as owner and operator of a construction company.


Dude enjoys the water but needs to be frequently rescued.  He is very good at getting stuck in water so the Boss doesn’t have to. Dude doesn’t have much to say but is the topic of a lot of conversations.

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